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Podcast #38: Video Marketing for Psychotherapists


Want a quick and FREE way to increase your new client calls?

Video Marketing.

Yep, really.

Today’s guest, Brendan McClenahan, explains video marketing has been shown to increase website conversions by 150 – 200%. That means you could double or triple your new client calls from your website just be incorporating video.

But you’re probably wondering, “Just how do I get started with video marketing?

I’m glad you asked. We hear this question a LOT. Video can seem so overwhelming that only a tiny majority of therapists ever use it.

When I learned about the work of Brendan McClenahan and Connor McClenahan, founders of Cupla Media, I knew instantly I had to get them on the podcast. They specialize in helping psychotherapists produce top-notch videos to promote their practices.

[TIP: You can download a copy of our 4-step Process to Attract Clients Online here.]


In this episode, Brendan explains how to:

  • Start marketing using video for free
  • Use video to stand out from the crowd
  • Stop accidentally repelling clients (this is true for all marketing, not just video)
  • Include the two critical components all videos must have
  • Write your video script
  • Post video online for maximum impact
  • Get 1,500 FREE views to your video

Seriously, this one’s more like a mini-training; you’re going to want to take lots of notes.

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Brendan McClenahan co-founded Cúpla Media with his twin brother Connor, a therapist in LA who realized the power of video for his own practice. Together, they now help private practice owners use video to connect with their ideal clients and grow their practice. Brendan lives in West Michigan with his wife and two daughters.