Podcast #29: 5 Lessons Learned from $21,572 in Facebook Advertising

Podcast #50: Are you ready for Private Pay? How to Create a Thriving Private Pay Practice – video marketing for psychotherapists

Video Marketing for psychotherapists.  Does it seem that every person who calls you starts the conversation with, “Do you take my insurance?”  Video marketing for psychotherapists could be your answer.

That can be frustrating when your goal is more private pay clients. video marketing for psychotherapists.

In this episode, I explain WHY everyone is asking that question, and how to get more phone calls from private pay clients. I even share with you the two types of private pay clients and how to attract them to your practice.  Have you considered video marketing for psychotherapists?

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(Jennifer Sneeden works with therapists, counselors and psychologists who are sick of earning less than their worth and are totally ready to build thriving, 6-figure private practices.

She gives them the tools they need to consistently fill their schedules with clients they love, without having to stress over where their next clients are coming from. (In fact, I have so much fun helping my clients attract more clients that I sometimes forget I’m actually working.)

After getting her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, she couldn’t wait to start her own practice! It had been her dream for years. But as she began building her practice, she saw that clients didn’t just show up on her doorstep asking to hand her money.)

Therapists just aren’t getting the essential business and marketing skills they need to be successful in private practice. Which is why Jennifer started this business in 2009. She is committed to helping psychotherapists – just like you – building thriving, 6-figure private practices.

One of the things Jennifer committed to when she left the consulting world was that she would no longer allow work to run her entire life.My lifestyle is essential to me; I don’t want to be chained to work all the time” (you probably don’t either, right?). So when she is not speaking at national conferences or creating irresistible training programs for her clients, you’ll probably find her hanging out on the beach with her kids, trying to get her dogs to listen to her, or curled up on the couch reading a trashy murder mystery.