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Podcast #30: The Top 10 Most-Searched Therapy Specialties

Podcast #30: The Top 10 Most-Searched Therapy Specialties. What are your clients REALLY searching for when they search for a therapist?

Jeff Guenther has the answer.

Jeff runs a mental health directory for Portland, and get tons of insight into the exact search terms your potential clients are using when they are searching for a therapist.

Jeff has compiled a list of the 56 specialties therapy clients search for online. In this episode, he shares the top ten most popular. (Three of these even surprised me!)

In this episode, you’ll get:

  • Why selecting a therapist is NOT like ordering a pizza. (And if you don’t realize this difference, you’re going to be frustrated with your results.)
  • The exact search journey your clients go through before they are ready to contact you.
  • How to best guide clients through their search process.
  • The one BIG SEO “no-no” that will hurt your search rankings.
  • The types of websites that Google likes the most.

Podcast #30: The Top 10 Most-Searched Therapy SpecialtiesJeff Guenther, LPC, is a therapist in Portland, OR. He has been in private practice since 2005 and currently leads workshops on how health and wellness practitioners can build their digital brand and attract more clients online. Jeff is the creator and owner of two highly ranked healthcare directory sites, Portland Therapy Center and Wellpdx. Jeff recently launched a new project, the Practice Academy, to teach healthcare workers how to ethically and effectively build and grow their private practices or small businesses.

Podcast #30: The Top 10 Most-Searched Therapy Specialties.