Three Questions You Must Answer to Attract More Psychotherapy Clients

My first ever job was as my father’s first mate on a charter fishing boat. This meant getting up at 5:00 on the weekends (as a TEENAGER!), driving to the marina, prepping the boat, and helping out throughout the day.

My dad’s clients would come from throughout the northeast for these fishing trips, and one of the first things my dad would ask them is, “What are we fishing for today?”

This was the pivotal question, because until my dad got the answer, we didn’t know what lures to use, whether to use outriggers or downriggers (Yes, I  know my fishing!), and which secret spot to set course for.

You have to know whether you are in search of bass, tilefish, or tuna BEFORE you leave the dock. Why? Because you need to fish with the right type of bait, in the right location, at the right depth. Without that fundamental information, you’ll be going home hungry, disappointed, and frustrated. (Our tips were dependent on making sure this didn’t happen!)

This makes perfect sense, right?

The problem is that I don’t see many therapists marketing their practices this way. Most therapists approach marketing with an “I don’t want to turn anyone away” mentality. That’s akin to just dropping a fishing line at a random spot in the ocean with a random lure attached. You may get lucky from time to time, but you’re not going to fill your cooler.

The most successful private practices make a plan before they begin to market. You need to be able to clearly answer these questions that I learned from my dad (paraphrased slightly, of course.)

  • Who are you hoping to attract?
  • What will attract them?
  • Where can you go to connect with your target market?

This is exactly where I start with all my clients. These answers are the essential foundation you need to build your practice. It will save you months or years of frustration, and will get you on the fast track to your 6-figure private practice.

If you’d like help answering these questions for yourself, I invite you to connect with me for a complimentary 30-minute “Practice Makeover.” During this call, you’ll get clarity about the obstacles standing in your way to success, and the essential next steps to move past them. Click here to schedule now.

Jennifer Sneeden, LMFT
Bestselling Author and Practice-Building Coach, Thriving Therapy Practice