Crafting Your Online Strategy for Psychotherapists

It AIN’T about the website. There, I said it. Sorry, because I know many of you have spent thousands of dollars to create your website, and then thousands more on advertising to direct potential clients to your site. See, the problem is that your website IS important, but it’s not as important as many of you think it…

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Online Marketing for Psychotherapists

Online Marketing Q & A

This week’s post is a video entry where I answer a few of your questions about online marketing. Thanks to everyone who submitted questions. This was a really fun video for me to make, because I got to answer some of your biggest online marketing challenges! In this video, I answered questions about which social…

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The Best Social Media for Therapists

Last week, I was honored to have Tiffany Doner join my Monthly Practice-Building Success Workshop in Boca Raton. Tiffany is a local expert in social media, and she shared some excellent strategies with all of us at the event. And although we didn’t discuss it in advance, I was not surprised to learn that Tiffany’s…

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My 6-Figure Formula for just $0.99!

Today’s the day! It’s ¬†the launch of my new book, “Building a 6-Figure Private Practice: The Magic Formula for ¬†Psychotherapists”. I’m thrilled about this because it’s been a “project” for four years, and it’s finally coming to fruition! To purchase the book, click here. The Psychotherapy Six-Figure Formula If you are struggling to build your…

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Turning Your Passion into Your Practice

Ever wonder if you are on the right path in your life? Well, when you are on the right path, life just comes together for us. And when you’re off the path, well, I think we all know what that’s like. Gina Bender, founder of the Reinvention Studio, specializes in helping women find their divine…

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The Purchase-Driven Client

How does a client find you online? Well, let me start by telling you how clients USED to find you (and me) online. They used to go to Google and type in a search something like this: “Marriage Counselor Boca Raton” or “Psychologist Chicago”. Clients would then click on the first name in the list.…

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