Psychotherapy Secrets Revealed

Do you ever find yourself frustrated by a client who pushes you to give specific advice to a problem? Psychotherapy Secrets Revealed. Gotten uncomfortable with discussing the nature of the client’s problem? Worked with a client who always wants to know “why”, even when you have no idea? How about those clients who are frustrated with a lack of progress, but don’t seem willing to do any work outside of the one 50-minute session each week?

Well, then you’ll love this enlightening and entertaining article…

I’ve had to put myself on a Huffington Post blackout. It’s like brain candy to me: if I end up on their site, I get lost for hours. However, I do love it when I get sent these entertaining articles from friends and colleagues. In this case, thanks go to my friend (and former supervisor) Roxanne. The article is called “About Psychotherapy: Your Therapist Wants To Tell You These Things… But Can’t”

The article is not only entertaining, but it also highlights some of the frustrations our clients might have with therapy. Psychotherapists in private practice have the flexibility choose the clients they work with as well the approach they take with these clients. So I say, why not reveal these secrets to your clients?

In fact, I’ve shared this article not only on the Facebook page of my private practice, but also on the social media marketing sites for all the other private practices I work with.