Podcast #29: 5 Lessons Learned from $21,572 in Facebook Advertising

Podcast #16: Moving Past Your Limitations

Two therapists walk into a restaurant…

This might sound like opening line of a corny joke, but it was actually the foundation of this podcast episode…

Susanne Mealer, LCSW, started as one of my first coaching and training clients, and has turned in to a dear friend. Susanne is an author and international speaker, in addition to running a successful private practice specializing in treating trauma and dissociation.

As we were talking over lunch recently, Susanne shared with me her observations about how many psychotherapists and counselors get stuck reaching their goals because of limiting beliefs and mindsets. Susanne believes that, just like our clients, we sometimes need an external voice to help us shift through these beliefs and build the confidence we need to succeed.

Much of our work in marketing and practice-building centers around the “how to”, but as Susanne points out, none of that matters if you are held back by your fear.

In this interview, Susanne reveals:

  • The three things it takes to be successful in private practice
  • How to keep going when you are overwhelmed by self-doubt
  • Her transition to becoming a successful businesswoman

Susanne Mealer

Susanne is a highly sought-after expert treating trauma and dissociation. She using a variety of techniques, including Rapid Reduction Technique, Incorporation Therapy and hypnosis to help her clients overcome their “blocks” and lead fuller lives. You can learn more about Susanne’s private practice here: http://www.abusetraumalosstherapy.com.