Podcast #7: Practice Management Systems Demystified: Save Time, Money, and Frustration

Maybe you’re a bit like me…

Until recently, the world of Practice Management Systems has been this big muddled up realm for me. That all changed when I did my latest podcast interview with Dr. Susan Litton, founder of PSYBooks.

When I was in private practice, I used a Practice Management System that I hated: it was a ton of time and effort, and never really worked for my practice. I was running my practice to meet the requirements of the technology, rather than truly having a system that worked for me.

I know I’m not alone. Many of you in private practice have the same sense of confusion or outright frustration when it comes to an EHR (Electronic Health Records) system that I did. I get asked quite a bit about EHRs, and I’ve never felt as though I had the best answers to give. So I realized it was time to seek out expert advice.
Dr. Litton is the perfect combination of clinical expertise (she’s been in private practice for a while now), and techie geek. So she knows exactly what we need to make a private practice run more smoothly and efficiently.

Dr. Litton’s approach is to start with the requirements you need to build and manage your private practice, and then find a system that will work for you. Sounds like the right way to work, doesn’t it?

This interview will demystify EHRs for you, and give you:

  • The lowdown on what exactly an EHR or EMR is anyway
  • Answers to common questions about what’s required of you by law
  • How to cut your documentation down to a few clicks after each session (Really!)
  • Ways to keep your clinical documentation separate from your personal notes, all in one system
  • The SAFEST way to store your protected client data
  • Criteria that you should look for when selecting an EHR
  • Boosting efficiency in private practice
  • Clarity about “meaningful use” and what this means for private practice

A practice management system isn’t traditional “marketing” or “practice-building”, but as you’ll discover, the right system can be a tremendous tool in building your practice because of all the efficiency it offers.
If you’re ready to ditch that huge stack of paper notes you’re carrying around, and get your practice running smoothly, click her to listen to this interview now:

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. Litton and PSYBooks, visit her website at www.psybooks.com. (She’s even offering you a FREE trial. I think you’re going to love it.)