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Podcast #3: The Language of Abundance and Your Practice

Gerda’s innovative and transformative couples’ retreat evolved out of her own life transformation and the course of her practice. Gerda has used the Language of Abundance to turn a mere dream into a reality.

Gerda became interested in human behavior relatively early on, especially how so much of our belief systems stem from childhood experiences and manifests in our behavior. She started working with abused children, and after about 10 years of service, she decided to start her own private practice part time, which quickly evolved into a full time practice through successful word of mouth.

Gerda was successful because she came from a place of abundance, which is where dreams happen and true magic occurs. While Gerda was creating her innovative vision, she kept in mind that it’s so important to create something that is wonderful and deeply meaningful to you as an individual. If you can’t find that place of meaning and passion, then you will not be successful in your private practice.

Not everyone is in this place of abundance – some are lacking due to an inability to make that first leap of faith. Be open to criticism and work hard at self-improvement and growth in your field, but ultimately have the courage and belief in yourself to take that first large leap into accomplishing what you want in your practice. Once you’ve made that leap, everything else will fall in line.

Success in private practice doesn’t happen automatically when you take that first leap of faith however; it takes tenacity, relationship-building and the capacity for self-growth in order to thrive in your private practice. You cannot thrive in a private practice just by sitting at a computer screen! Yes, online marketing is a successful way to market your private practice, but it is the person-to-person relationship building that will ultimately lead to a self-sustained, thriving practice. The most important thing to remember is with every client, do your absolute best and it will pay off ten-fold. Take it from Gerda and her word-of-mouth thriving practice!

About Gerda’s Soulmates workshop:

Gerda helps couples who are at the end of their rope find renewed understanding and communication through her innovative couples’ seminars. For one weekend, couples undergo a combination of intensive therapy and retreat activities on a 68-foot yacht down in South Florida. A deeper understanding of each other is obtained through nightly homework designed to change the way the couple communicates with each other. This deeply intensive and luxurious experience is only $1500 per person! If you are interested in embarking on one of Gerda’s retreats, contact her at (561) 596-9355 or

Do you want to be more and serve more clients in your private practice? Then join our two-day intensive practice-building workshop on March 6th and 7th. For more information, visit