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Podcast #26: How to Charge What You’re Worth in Private Practice

There’s NO WAY I could charge $150 per hour and find clients willing to pay those fees each week.”

This is a comment I got on a training I did recently, and it really stayed with me. This is a topic that comes up frequently, especially for those that are new in practice. It can be hard to really own your worth and charge fees that are appropriate to the services you provide.

Let’s be clear… I’m not talking about taking advantage of clients. I’m not talking about trying to “get rich quick”. I’m talking about charging what you are worth for a valuable service that you provide your clients.

When you undercharge, you set up a win-lose scenario with your clients. They win, but at your expense. When you overcharge, you also set up a win-lose scenario. You win, but at their expense.

When you charge what you’re worth, you set up a win-win scenario. The client’s get a life-changing transformation, and you live a prosperous lifestyle. To me, that’s what it’s all about.

Charging what you’re worth is about half MINDSET and half STRATEGY. This podcast addresses both facets.

In this episode, you’ll get:

  • Setting appropriate fees that support the vision you have for your practice.
  • Understanding the three pricing tiers and which one best suits you.
  • What to do when potential clients are shocked by your fees.
  • How to handle clients who try to negotiate your fees.
  • Why “competitive” pricing is always a mistake.

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