Podcast #18: How to Build a Psychotherapy Website that Attracts Your Ideal Clients

Your website.

It represents your brand.

It’s a deciding factor in whether a potential client calls you for therapy or not.

But what exactly should a psychotherapy website look like?

We get asked about websites all the time, so I knew I had to get an expert on to talk about this. Kat Love is just the person!

Kat specializes in building websites, and she works exclusively with psychotherapists. (She explains why in our interview.)

Remember back in grad school, all those papers you wrote? You started with a thesis, presented evidence, and walked the reader through to a logical conclusion. Kat believes strongly that an effective website does exactly the same thing.

That’s why she recommends you ALWAYS start with your website by answering the question of WHO you help and HOW you help them. (Called empathy mapping in website design lingo.)

Kat shares tremendous insight in this episode, including:

  • Which option is best for you when building a website
  • Helping potential clients decide if you’re a good fit for them
  • Creating connection with website visitors
  • Converting website visitors into clients
  • The mistakes she’s seen that actually turn clients away (pay careful attention to this one!).

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kat-love-web-designer-developer-2015Kat Love is a website designer specialized in designing and building websites to help psychotherapists grow their practice’s online presence and get more clients. Kat’s appreciation of therapists stems from the powerful healing that therapists helped her achieve following childhood sexual abuse and neglect.

You can learn more about Kate and her work at www.katlove.com.