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Podcast #51: Using Google Ads for Therapists

Google Ads is one of the best practice-building strategies around. It can also be pretty overwhelming. So many therapists are terrified of Google Ads, so they avoid it completely.

That’s why I KNEW I had to get John Sanders (RevKey.com) on the podcast to demystify Google Ads for therapists. In this episode, he shares:

  • How to get yourself to the top of the Google search results
  • How much you should expect to spend to make Google Ads effective
  • Special considerations for therapists using Google Ads
  • How to tell if your ad is working or not.

Relevant Links:

How to use google ads for therapists

John Sanders has been working in Google Ads (new Google AdWords) since 2010 to generate leads for businesses. He eventually started RevKey to help small business owners including therapists and psychologists with Google Ads and online advertising. Learn more about John at revkey.com

‘Attracting Clients in Times of Uncertainty’ >>WATCH VIDEO<<

(Jennifer Sneeden works with therapists, counselors and psychologists who are sick of earning less than their worth and are totally ready to build thriving, 6-figure private practices.

She gives them the tools they need to consistently fill their schedules with clients they love, without having to stress over where their next clients are coming from. (In fact, I have so much fun helping my clients attract more clients that I sometimes forget I’m actually working.)

After getting her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, she couldn’t wait to start her own practice! It had been her dream for years. But as she began building her practice, she saw that clients didn’t just show up on her doorstep asking to hand her money.)