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Podcast #54: How to make passive income as a counselor (even if you’re just starting out)

Programs and courses create win-wins (I’m a huge fan)!

Your client gets an easy way to say “yes” to working with you!

You get to leverage your time and create additional revenue without having to see more clients!

You also have the chance to impact the lives of so many more people when you move beyond traditional one-on-one work.

If you’re looking to increase your income without seeing more clients each week, courses and programs might be the perfect fit for you.

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When I first started offering programs and workshops in my practice, two things happened:

First, I created more income from the programs themselves.

Second, I grew my practice because so many people that attended one of my programs wanted to continue working with me as clients.

Programs and courses offer you a way to help build your practice, help your clients, help people that will never become your clients. It just helps in so many ways. If you are feeling that calling, if you are feeling like there might be something here for me, I encourage you to consider online courses. They are a phenomenal addition to the mix for therapists.

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In this episode we cover:

  • How to use programs to augment your live sessions
  • How to choose a topic for your program that solves a burning problem then leads them to work with you
  • What to consider before looking to create an online course

Here’s a sneak peek at this episode:

>> For those therapists that are really looking for a less traditional practice, maybe you don’t want to treat anxiety or depression anymore, and you want to get more into these bigger self value, meaning of life types of niches, this could be a perfect entree into transitioning over to that type of work.

>> There’s the opportunity to use programs to augment your live sessions. And there’s also the opportunity to package it up and and sell it and offer it as its own independent thing for people that they might live halfway around the world.

>> If you can know going into creating the course, exactly what the problem is that you solve and who it is that you’re solving it for, it’s going to make it so much easier, as you said, to get a great course in place. And it’s also going to make it so much easier to convey to the clients in your marketing exactly how this helps them.

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How to make passive income as a counselor (even if you'r just starting out)Paul Petroski has spent the past 20+ years helping organizations design and deploy learning solutions that improve bottom-line performance. Several years ago, Mr. Petroski found himself sitting in his Counselors office as he was navigating a major life change. Having such a profound experience and transformation working with his Counselor, Mr. Petroski saw the opportunity to bring these two paths of his life together. At that point, he began helping Counselors and Therapists build passive income by turning their years of experience into online courses. Learn more about Paul and his mission: https://counseloronlinecourse.com