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Podcast #45: Tips for Highly Sensitive Therapists

Do you consider yourself a sensitive person? We have Tips for Highly Sensitive Therapists.

Most people who feel this way grow up feeling disjointed and bent out of shape. And while they can’t quite put their finger on it, they know that something is different.

In today’s episode, we called upon Barbara Allen to solve this mystery.

Barbara first heard about sensitivity in an addiction service, where she worked for 10 years helping people who struggled with drugs, alcohol, and gambling.

One of the things she noticed was that a certain number of her clients were very similar, yet completely different from the majority of the other clients she had.

There was just something about them that she couldn’t explain…

Until one day, she stumbled upon the book “The highly sensitive person” by Elaine Aron and everything seemed to click.

She said: “those are my clients – there’s a whole book about them!”

Biggest takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • Why humans are a lot like plants (we need the right environment to grow.)
  • The most common reasons why sensitive people feel so out of place.
  • Why sensitivity is a neutral genetic trait (it’s how you respond to it that counts.)
  • The four characteristics that make up high sensitivity.
  • Understanding how you are wired so you can thrive in your own private practice.
  • Why you don’t need to work evenings and weekends to get clients.

Links and related resources:

Tips for Highly Sensitive Therapists

Barbara Allen is the founder of the National Centre for High Sensitivity, a non-profit organisation that aims to promote the well being of sensitive people on a national level, both personally and within organisations and our community. Her practice is based in Andover, England where she provides training and workshops for sensitive people and professionals throughout the UK, Europe and USA. Learn more about Barbara’s private practice here: http://www.growingunlimited.co.uk/