Podcast #29: 5 Lessons Learned from $21,572 in Facebook Advertising

Podcast #43: How to Get More Done

How many of you get stuck in the learning (the fun part) but then you don’t always get into the execution part?  You’ve got lots of great ideas, but somehow things don’t seem to get done the way you wish they would.

If so, you’re not alone.

The mistake most entrepreneurs make is trying to learn and do at the same time. Sometimes the learning can even feel like doing. But by trying to do everything at once it can lead to frustration and burn out. Perhaps you end up smarter, but you don’t move forward.

Tim Palladino is all about being hyper intentional. He’s here to share his strategies on how to make the transition from learning to doing, then accomplishing and finally feeling really good about that accomplishment. He also shares how to identify the 3 categories of time and how to balance them so you to get the most out of every moment in live (and avoid burn out.)

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify the three categories of time.
  • How to tell the difference between learning for information or learning for entertainment.
  • How to use training rhythms and power breaks to stay focused for longer.
  • Why you can’t learn your way out of a situation.

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Listen in and get ready to change the way you look at time.

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Tim Palladino has been a successful entrepreneur for most of his life in multiple industries and is always expanding his understanding of how to be his best self.
After the sale of his last business, he now focuses on supercharging entrepreneurs with the ability to be hyper-productive. He also uses his teachings, tools, and programs to show entrepreneurs how to recover from the feeling of burnout and regain balance in their everyday life.