Attracting New Therapy Clients

I consult with psychotherapists (therapists, counselors, and psychologists) each week on how to build and maintain thriving therapy practices. And whenever I work with a new client, the first question they always ask is “How do I get new therapy clients?”

If you were to hire me, would that be your first question? Probably so. And my consulting fee is $250 per hour to answer that question. But I recently realized that not only is the question the same from most therapists in private practice, but my answer is inevitably the same as well.

After I realized this, I decided it wasn’t fair to limit the answer only to those clients who could afford to pay my hourly consulting fee. Why not make this valuable practice-building information available to ALL therapists?

That’s when I created “Client Attraction in the New Economy”, a program specifically addressing how to attract and get new counseling clients, even during a recession.