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Podcast #56: 7 Things I’d Do if I Were Starting a New Practice Right Now


This month my practice is turning 15! What a wild and beautiful ride it has been. 

There is truly no better time to start a private practice. I promise that if you put in the work, you will look back in 15 years and say, “This is so dang good.” 

People need mental health support more than ever. People are reaching a breaking point after two years of a global pandemic, political unrest, and so much change and upheaval. Coupled with the fact that there has never been less stigma surrounding mental health support, you have an ideal environment for your new venture. It’s no longer just “crazy people” that go to therapy. Therapy is no longer just for the weak. Our culture finally accepts that therapy and investment in mental health are part of being a strong, powerful human. And it’s your job to step into your own power and help those seeking your professional expertise!

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It’s easy to want that lifestyle that comes with a private practice. But it’s totally different to invest in yourself, let go of the self-doubt, and take that leap. It may be big, scary, and overwhelming, but I am here to tell you that you’ve got this.

So, ready to take notes and start your dream practice while setting yourself up for success? Make sure you have a pen and paper handy, friends.


In this episode we cover:

  • How to be bold and firm about the type of practice you want and how to chase after it
  • Ways to develop the confidence to ask for what you want and set healthy boundaries that set you up for long-term success and scalability
  • Tips to avoid the scarcity mindset so many starting private practice owners adopt in the beginning stages of business
  • Keys to master your marketing to get out in front of your ideal clientele
  • How to set yourself up for success from day one of your private practice


>> [8:40] My biggest mistake was putting myself out in the world as a generalist, marketing by talking about what a great therapist I was.

Not only did this feel cringey to me, but it also did not resonate with my potential clients. Clients are looking for a solution to their problems, not necessarily a good therapist. Someone with insomnia is seeking a good night’s sleep, not a good therapist. Marketing isn’t about selling yourself. It’s about providing solutions that your potential clients desperately need solved. This mindset shift allowed me to shift my marketing to create deeper connections with my target audience.

>> [19:20] It is not your job to go chase down clients. Focus on providing true value for your clients from day one instead.

For the longest time, I had the scarcity mindset that there was not enough business out there. I thought I had to hustle to snag up a client before someone else does. Clients are out there struggling and seeking help, ready to spend the money to get the help they need. Rather than trying to catch them in a net, I had to learn to come from a place of value and support. The more value I gave, the more I shared what I loved to do out in the world, the more I leaned into authority positioning, sharing hope, options, and possibilities, the more clients were attracted to me. When I switched from getting clients to attracting clients, things became so much easier. Every client I’ve coached that has hit a six-figure mark has had to make this same mindset shift. So you’ll be farther ahead if you work on this from the get-go.

>> [26:03] Make mindset work your number one priority every day. This is the antidote to fear. 

I would focus on my vision daily as a way to combat fear. Like many therapists starting out, I had a lot of self-doubt, insecurity, fear, old limiting beliefs, scarcity thinking, etc. In the beginning, I didn’t realize how my own beliefs were the only thing holding me back. It wasn’t until I realized that my business is a reflection of me. If I’m doing well, my business is doing well, and vice versa. When I started investing in my own mindset work and releasing those traumas, stepping into my power, things started to change in my income, business, and life. What is your dream you’re casting out into the world? What do you need to work through to make that a reality? It’s time to ask the hard questions to grow and thrive.

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It’s time to chase your goal of a thriving private practice and invest in your future success! You are worth the investment.


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