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The Most Important Element of a Psychotherapy Website - What do you picture when you imagine a top-notch psychotherapy website? You might envision a beautiful layout with professional images and captivating colors. You may think of a place to showcase your work and your accomplishments. You may even see yourself offering products and services online. You would be right
Designing Websites for Therapists Websites for Therapists - Your website is as essential to your private practice as your business cards. Websites for therapists are how your clients perceive your practice and your work. Creating a high-performing website for your private practice is easier than you think! Whether it's time for a face-lift of your current website for a
Online Marketing Trends for Psychotherapists - Is one of your goals to grow your practice in 2019? With so many different marketing strategies, it can get confusing trying to figure out what to work on. These 7 online marketing trends for therapists will help you shape your marketing strategy for the year. Psychotherapy marketing and practice-building
Podcast #37: How to Make the Leap to a Private Pay Practice -  Over the past 6 months or so, I've been hearing from a lot of you that you're considering dropping insurance and building a private pay practice. We've touched on this in other podcast episodes, but after hearing all your questions and concerns, I knew it was time to discuss

Want more new client calls? These 9 Secrets will make your website stand out from the crowd.


Podcast #42: I’m ready to start a practice, now what? 3 Tips you can start TODAY! -     Does this sound like you? "I'm ready to start a practice, now what?" or "I just started a practice. What did I get myself in to?" We all start our Private Practice from zero, going from there to
Podcast #41: How to Get Started Speaking (And get Paid) - Have you ever said to yourself, "I've always wanted to do speaking engagements. I think it would be just so cool to be up on a stage spreading the word and helping people in that way, but I have no
Podcast #40: Self Care for Psychotherapists -   Why do psychotherapists, who love to recommend self care to their clients, find it so difficult to practice self-care in their own lives? In other words, they try to sell something they don't practice. As psychotherapists, we often make
Podcast #39: 8 Surprising Things I Learned About Myself While Growing my Business -   A breakthrough is about moving past obstacles and hurtles that hold you back, both physically and mentally.  This podcast episode is the most personal podcast I've ever recorded. There is no guest, I am flying solo. It's easy to
Podcast #38: Video Marketing for Psychotherapists -   Want a quick and FREE way to increase your new client calls? Video Marketing. Yep, really. Today’s guest, Brendan McClenahan, explains video marketing has been shown to increase website conversions by 150 - 200%. That means you could double


Jennifer's training is incredible! It is chock-full of practical ideas as well as the reasoning behind them. I know my practice will benefit far beyond the fee I paid.

 Elizabeth Bonet Elizabeth Bonet