Two Must-Have, Super-Cool Free Facebook Goodies

Since helping therapists build Facebook marketing for their private practices has become such a big percentage of my work, I get to devote some time each week to playing around online “researching” social media. (You should see me explaining to my husband that, yes, I am really working!)

Anyway, found these two super-cool Facebook apps that I just had to share with you…

First, let me start with the basics: A Facebook app is part of your private practice’s Facebook page. (WHAT? You don’t have a Facebook page for your practice yet? No worries, I can help you with that. Check out my Facebook Marketing Solution, where my team and I do all the work for you.)

Okay, so a Facebook app should enhance your page, build relationships, and help potential clients learn more about you. This is especially important because the trend is moving more and more toward Facebook for businesses instead of traditional website. Which is why a Facebook page is even more important for your practice than a traditional website.

I’ve found two must-have apps that you can install on your Facebook page that you and your clients will love.

First, a way to link your blog posts to your Facebook Fan Page. This is called an RSS Feed. Please don’t let the tech term scare you off! This allows a visitor to your Fan Page to see all your recent blog posts as a tab on your Fan Page. An excerpt is published in the Facebook tab, and when viewers click the post, they are taken to your website to read the full article.

Blog posts and articles are one of the best ways to position yourself as an expert, so if your blog is a bit dusty, now’s the time to sit down and start updating.

(To activate this app, you need an ‘RSS Feed’ for your blog. We set this up automatically for our Facebook clients, but if you are setting up your own page, you’ll need to get an RSS feed for your blog.)

Second, a YouTube tab to promote your videos. Expect to see an explosion of video in 2013. I see that this is the year we’ll transition away from reading an move toward watching. If you’ve already created videos for your practice, you can link your YouTube channel to a tab on your Facebook page. Like with the blog feed, users can easily click on this tab, and they can view videos without leaving Facebook.

To really get a feel for how cool these are, you should try them out for yourself. I’ve tested both of them on my own page before sharing them with you. To get a first-hand demo of how these look, head over to my Facebook page to try out the tabs I’ve set up there:

Be sure to post a link to your own page if you set these up, so we can see the results!