The Best Social Media for Therapists

Last week, I was honored to have Tiffany Doner join my Monthly Practice-Building Success Workshop in Boca Raton.

Tiffany is a local expert in social media, and she shared some excellent strategies with all of us at the event. And although we didn’t discuss it in advance, I was not surprised to learn that Tiffany’s best advice is the same I’ve been giving for the past two years: Facebook is where it’s at for psychotherapists. So if you’re ready to get in the social media game, or if you want to build up a presence you already have established, Facebook is really where you need to invest your time, energy, and resources.

Why? Because that’s where your clients are. Facebook is where they are spending their leisure and “down” time, and you want to make your presence part of that.

It’s really easy (and oh-so-tempting) to get caught up in all the other social media options: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+. And I’m sure there are others that I don’t even know about yet. These platforms aren’t bad, it’s not that at all. In fact, many of you may build great networking relationships on LinkedIn. The problem is that it’s too easy to get distracted and water down your efforts. Social media is all about relationships and fresh content. If you are trying to divide your time across 3 or 4 platforms, it’s just not going to work as effectively.

So Tiffany and I concur: build up a strong following on Facebook. Get that community rolling, and then consider whether you want or need to branch out into other social media platforms.