Podcast #29: 5 Lessons Learned from $21,572 in Facebook Advertising

Podcast #42: I’m ready to start a practice, now what? 3 Tips you can start TODAY! Tips Starting Private Practice will greatly benefit your business!

Does this sound like you? “I’m ready to start a practice, now what?” or “I just started a practice. What did I get myself in to?”¬† The following will provide you with tips starting private practice. We all start our Private Practice from zero, going from there to a successful practice is a different story…

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Designing Websites for Therapists

Websites for Therapists

Your website is as essential to your private practice as your business cards. Websites for therapists are how your clients perceive your practice and your work. Creating a high-performing website for your private practice is easier than you think! Whether¬†it’s time for a face-lift of your current website for a you’re building a brand-new website,…

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