Stopping at the Start

“Most people stop at the start.”
Bob Proctor

The first time I heard this quote, it was like a shock of electricity ran through me. I realized immediately that I was one of those who has spent way too much time stopping at the start. Maybe you’re like me, and you just intuitively get this quote immediately. But in case, you’re not, it means that so many people hold themselves back from their true power, their true potential because they never actually cross the starting line. They have the dream, but it never moves beyond that.

Think about your own life for a few moments. Do you have big dreams that you just haven’t taken action on yet? Do you dream of a wildly successful private practice but don’t have it yet? Is fear holding you back from putting yourself out in the world in a big, bold way? Do you ask yourself, “Who am I to ______?”

These are all examples of stopping at the start. I truly believe that we are powerful creators, capable of such amazing accomplishments. But in order to achieve what we are capable of, we need to take the first step. And as we all now, that first step can be terrifying. All those little gremlins come in move to the front of our mind and start whispering that this is a ridiculous notion, and we’re probably going to fail anyway. BOOM! Stopped at the start.

For the longest time, I was terrified to do any type of press interviews. ME? Who was I to be interviewed by the media? Surely people would immediately find out that I didn’t know what I was talking about right? So I never pursued any publicity. I knew media was a great way to build my practice, but I was stopping at the start. Then one day eight years ago, I got a phone call. Back in those days, I still answered my phone because I was always desperately hoping clients would call me! So I answered it and it was from a writer for a tiny little local magazine, The Heart of Delray. She asked if she could ask me a few questions for an article she was writing about back to school.

I was so flustered, that I couldn’t think of a good excuse, so I just said yes. She interviewed me, and not even once did she say, “Wow, you REALLY don’t know what you’re talking about, do you?” Nope, she actually listened to what I said and even seemed to be interested. I was shocked. Then when the issue came out, I immediately rushed to buy as many copies as I could. There it was, my name in print. As I read it, I had to admit, I wasn’t nearly as horrible as I thought I was going to sound. Whew, big sigh of relief.

Just like that, I had taken the first step. It was the first of many steps over the years that led from that tiny little publication to national media. But that first step was undoubtedly the most difficult one. It’s been like this with every new stage of my development. It’s like this with every new stage of your development as well.

The first step toward any type of growth is the hardest. This is true whether you are setting your sights on $250,000 per year, or whether you are ready to launch a new private practice. And I’d like to help you take that first step toward your desire, whatever it is for you. Because once you take the first step, the next step appears, and then the next step, and then the next step. It gets easier with each step you take.

This is going to be the focus of my November Practice-Building Success Workshop, “Becoming WILDLY Successful in Private Practice”. I’ve called it this specifically because I don’t want you to settle for less than you truly desire. I want you to understand EXACTLY what it takes to achieve your desire. Here’s what we’ll be covering in that workshop:

  • Break the pattern of stopping at the start, and taking the first step toward your desire
  • Top three attributes of the most successful private practice therapists
  • Building the five habits you need to be wildly successful
  • Creating a vision for yourself based on what you TRULY desire (Stop settling for what you think you SHOULD want.)

The workshop is on 11/20 from 9 – 12. So if you’ve got a desire that you haven’t yet manifested in your life, join us to learn just how to make it happen. Click here to register:

You’ll have the choice to attend this workshop three ways: 1. join us live in Boca. (I highly recommend this option. The community of successful therapists is amazing.) 2. join us “live” online. (You can watch from the comfort of your home or office, and have a chance to ask questions.) 3. watch the video of the event (For those of you who know you can’t make that time.)

All attendees will have access to the video, so even if something comes up and you can’t join us live, you’ll still get all the great content.

I’ll also be offering my VIP option for live participants as well. With the VIP option, you’ll spend the morning with us at the workshop, then you’ll join us for a small group mastermind session. This is a group of 6 therapists and myself brainstorming new ideas, working through problems, and supporting each other’s success. The VIP option usually sells out first each month, and is reserved for those who are already established in practice. Your VIP ticket also includes lunch. The mastermind session is 12:00 – 1:30, immediately following the workshop.

You can get all the details and grab your seat here: