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Podcast #40: Self Care for Psychotherapists


Why do psychotherapists, who love to recommend self care to their clients, find it so difficult to practice self-care in their own lives? In other words, they try to sell something they don’t practice.

As psychotherapists, we often make meaningful impacts on the lives of our clients and this can be tremendously gratifying but it is also equally taxing and difficult. Putting all of your energy into the care of your clients while ignoring your own mental, physical and spiritual mental health is a recipe for burnout.

Dr. Julie Merriman is on a mission to change this…

We’re able to see this need in our clients and yet even if we recognize it in ourselves, we’re not willing to take action on it. We often choose to suffer in silence for fear of appearing incompetent if they reach out for help. We set ourselves up to be burned out or carry home compassion fatigue.

In this episode, Julie Merriman doesn’t recommend self care instead she introduces us to a vibrant lifestyle. Don’t you just love that? “A vibrant lifestyle”.

Listen in for Julie to explain how YOU can create a vibrant lifestyle for yourself.


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Dr. Julie Merriman is a coach, counselor, supervisor, international speaker and self-care guru. She specializes in relationship enhancement with self, others and life. Learn more about her work at https://juliemerrimancoaching.com/Sneeden.