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Building a 6-Figure Private Practice

Ready For More Clients, More Impact, And More Income?

That’s what “6-Figure Roadmap” is all about. When you join me for this 90-Day mentoring program, you and I will work together to completely transform the way you market your practice:

  • Attract a predictable flow of new clients month after month.
  • Create the income and the lifestyle you’ve always imagined.
  • Spend your days doing what you love and making a difference in the world.


The 6-figure practice looks something like this:

  • You hit your income goal every month
  • You’re in the top 5% of practices
  • You have a steady flow of new clients that specifically want to work with YOU. (Maybe even a waiting list.)
  • Your caseload is reasonable. You’re not trying to see 41 clients each week just to make ends meet.
  • Your practice is profitable.
  • You live the life you imagined for yourself.
  • You are sought out by clients as the “go-to” expert in your area.
  • You say “no” to clients that aren’t ideal for you.
  • You make a strong six-figure income.
  • You can take quality time off to spend with family and friends.
  • You aren’t just “selling therapy”. You’re providing true value to your clients and potential clients.
  • New clients who call you are eager, willing, and able to work with you.


  • You’re not getting enough new client calls.
  • You’ve get a website and/or Facebook page but they’re not generating clients.
  • You’re in a highly competitive area with a therapist on every corner.
  • You offer (or plan to offer) non-traditional programs. (Online/retreats/VIP).
  • You have a private pay practice, or would like to transition to a private pay practice.
  • You’ve flailed around and tried lots of different marketing approaches, often with minimal success.
  • You can’t predict when or IF you’ll get your next client. You wait for your phone to ring with your fingers crossed.
  • Feeling of overwhelm when it comes to marketing (“How can I possibly keep up with everything”)
  • You’ve tried it all and nothing seems to work for you.
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The Program Begins On May 22nd , Applications Close On 5/18.


  • You have been in private practice for at least 12 months.
  • You have ongoing revenue of at least $2000 per month
  • You are willing to invest 3 – 5 hours per week in your marketing.
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The Program Begins On May 22nd , Applications Close On 5/18.


6-Figure Roadmap is a 90-day mentoring program. You and I work together to create a value journey blueprint specific for your practice. No guessing, no trying to figure it out on your own, you’ll have me with you every step of the way.

By the end of the 90 days, you’ll attract a predictable flow of new clients month after month. You’ll have the practice and the income you’ve always wanted. You and I work together to design and build a complete marketing system specifically for you and your practice.

You’re going to be enthusiastic about marketing because you’re really going to be connecting with clients and building community. You’re going to be able to charge what you’re worth and attract clients eager to pay your fees. This isn’t about over-charging because you can. It’s about making sure that you are compensated fairly for the work that you do. You’re changing lives with your work, and when you are compensated fairly, you and your clients both benefit.

Yes, you will get some training. I need to make sure everyone has the same baseline marketing skills. But the heart of this program is the work we’ll do together. We’re going to build out your ENTIRE marketing system, what I call your “Value-First Marketing Blueprint”.


  • Authority Positioning – Become the go-to person for your specialty. You’ll get clients that are seeking you out specifically because they want to work with you. What’s really cool about this is you get to bypass the shopping phase all together.
  • Transformative Messaging – Make your mark on the world by guiding clients through the transformation they are seeking. We’ll create your marketing message so that your ideal clients raise their hands and say “Yes! Where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you.”
  • Creating Awareness – Open up a whole new world of possibility for yourself by connecting with that other 67%. You’ll overcome invisibility and share your message on a much bigger level.
  • Providing Value – Put an end to feeling “salesy” once and for all by creating high-value content that truly serves your clients.
  • Engaging Potential Clients – The secret ingredient to fill your pipeline. We’ll do this by creating a professionally-designed opt-in or client magnet. I’ll even personally review your content and have my designer create it for you!
  • Building Affinity – Let your gifts shine through and live your purpose. Your clients don’t fall in love with your blog posts. They enjoy them, they get great value from them, but they fall in love with you.
  • Nurturing Relationships - Potential clients start to look forward to hearing from you. Most therapists are using email, but most of them are mis-using it, and frankly not getting any results. You’ll get proven templates for crafting emails that get noticed by your clients, and a proven system for when to send what to whom.
  • Inspiring Action – Get fast results for your practice and your bank account. The way we do this is by making the right “ask” at the right time, so you inspire your audience to take action.
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The Program Begins On May 22nd , Applications Close On 5/18.

  • Converting to Clients – Build your dream practice by converting potential clients into active clients. This is actually the easiest step because the first 8 steps lead logically to this conclusion.

You’ll be creating effective marketing materials, and getting them in front of your ideal clients. People who want and need your help. People who are willing to pay your fees.

The way we do this is through a 90-day mentoring program. Each week, you get a new training module, and the templates, forms and resources you need to complete 1 of the steps of the blueprint. Templates are vital because they allow you to create predictable results over and over again. You’ve got to have proven templates and systems in place to build a 6-figure business.

Now, I’m not going to hand you a bunch of templates and leave them to figure them out on your own. You’re going to apply what you learn right in each module. You are going to create all the pieces WITH ME. I’ll guide you every step of the way to create the content, and use compelling language.

Then, we get on group mentoring calls and walk through each piece of marketing to make sure it’s going to work.

By the end of the program, we’ll have your marketing complete. Imagine how that’s going to feel. Not just a clear marketing plan to move forward with, but also the marketing material complete.

This is the best investment you can ever make for your practice.

Please pay careful attention here… Marketing isn’t some mystery trait you’re either born with or born without. It’s a learnable skill. That’s what makes this the best investment you can make for your business. Marketing is what creates ultimate financial freedom.



When you enroll in the 6-Figure Roadmap program, you get:

  • 90-day mentoring program where we build your 6-Figure Roadmap Blueprint
  • A private membership site with access to all 10 training modules
  • 6 Group Mentoring calls
  • Recordings of the calls
  • Lifetime access to the training and mentoring calls
  • Exclusive Private Facebook Community where you’ll get direct access to Jennifer for 90 days.
  • Templates and resources for each step of the process
  • Bonus - 3 Personal laser coaching sessions with Jennifer


When you submit your application BEFORE May 18th , you get an additional bonus:

  • Private 60-minute “Jump Start” session with Jennifer to get fast results. ($597 Value.)
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The Program Begins On May 22nd , Applications Close On 5/18.


I’m on your side. My team is on your side. My goal is to help you build a practice that generates a great income, gives you time to enjoy your life, and makes a difference in the world.


  • Make sure you qualify. You must be able to say “Yes”, to ALL THREE of the following:
  • You have been in private practice for at least 12 months.
  • You have ongoing revenue of at least $2000 per month
  • You are willing to invest 3 – 5 hours per week in your marketing.
  • Pay the $25 non-refundable application fee, and provide us with information about your practice.
  • You’ll have a personal 15-minute consultation with Jennifer to see if you’re the right fit for the program.

If we accept you, you have two pricing options for 80/20 Mastery:

  • 6-Figure Roadmap is $1,997, OR
  • You can make six payments of $397 each.
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The Program Begins On May 22nd , Applications Close On 5/18.

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