Psychotherapy Marketing – Creating a Website

The percentage of therapists, psychologists and counselors with websites is still relatively small, while the percentage of clients who utilize the web to search for a therapist grows each month. If you are building a private practice, or are seeking new counseling clients, it pays to be easily found online.

Therapists need to have websites. Why? Millions of people search online for  products and services everyday. Many use the internet to search before they use  any print publication, including directories and the yellow pages. I can’t even  remember the last time I used the yellow pages to look for something, can  you?

Websites for psychotherapists are particularly important because they help  with two of the three decision-making criteria: visibility and credibility. (The  third is trust and this will come from your personal relationship with the  client.) Visibility is the client’s ability to find you when looking for a  therapist. If they can’t find you, they can’t call you. Credibility is important  as well because even if clients are referred to you, it is likely that they will  first want to do a little research before calling you. So they may get your name  from a friend or even their doctor, but expect that they will try to investigate  before calling you.

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