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We reached out to Jennifer at a time that our practice was experiencing growing pains,  a lack of vision for our marketing plan and growth.  While we had our clinical goals set, we felt we needed a new set of eyes to guide us in the process.  Jennifer was extremely helpful to us- she spent an entire day at our practice and came prepared with a plan for both of us to complete.  It was so helpful for us to have someone with her experience in practice development look at our hard work and tell us what was going well and what we needed to focus on. We cannot thank her enough for all the valuable information she provided and for the supportive manner in which she provided it.

Kelly Everson, PsyD and Brandi Rials, PsyD Kelly Everson, PsyD and Brandi Rials, PsyD
Palm Beach Behavioral Health and Wellness

Jennifer is very inspirational. She gave me great specifics and ideas for my practice. I would definitely recommend her.

Jenny Estrada Jenny Estrada

Jennifer's training was excellent! The material was well planned out, thorough, and with Jennifer's knowledge, she was the perfect teacher. It gave me the tools I need to succeed and I have confidence now that I can do it. I have put my plan into action and cannot wait to report the positive results! Thank you.

Dana, LMHC

Prior to taking Jennifer's workshop, I knew I did not enjoy working for agencies and I wanted to go into private practice. However, I did not have any idea how to implement my goal, felt daunted, and lacked any guidance. Jennifer's workshop gave me the necessary education, skills, and confidence I needed to initiate the process. I have already started the necessary steps to solidify this goal and feel confident that I will be successful. This is the one course that graduate school should have offered, but did not! I strongly recommend that all beginning therapists make the investment in this workshop and in themselves. Thank you Jennifer!!

Heather Coll, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

The class was great! This class allowed me to to address my creative ideas for my business endeavors. Also, I learned the ins and outs of starting my business. Graduate school did not prepare me to be my own boss, I feel with this class I can start working toward this goal.

P.S., Registered Intern

Jennifer's training is incredible! It is chock-full of practical ideas as well as the reasoning behind them. I know my practice will benefit far beyond the fee I paid.

Elizabeth Bonet, PhD Elizabeth Bonet, PhD

Jennifer is a brilliant coach. She is extremely knowledgeable and supportive. I would recommend Jennifer in a heartbeat. I am realizing my dream and Jennifer is walking with me on the journey to make it happen.

Ellen Bachmeyer Ellen Bachmeyer

What a great webinar! I can't shut up about it. My wife is ready to divorce me. LOL My handouts were FILLED with notes. Really well done and really useful.

Mark Jacobson Mark Jacobson

The Thriving Practice Workshop gave me the knowledge, skills, motivation and confidence to begin a private practice. Jennifer shared her expertise on marketing and business in a warm “solution-focused” manner that made me believe “I can do this”. If it had not been for this workshop the idea of a private practice would still seem like fantasy instead of a reality.

This workshop provides the information we did not get in grad school... this was my first and conceivably one of the best investments in my future career.

Bobbi Noderer, MS, LMFT