Practice-Building Success Workshop

One of the most difficult aspects of private practice is how isolating it can be. You are working one on one with your clients, but you don’t really have that strong connection with your peers. You don’t really get fresh ideas and learn insights from others about what’s working in private practice these days. You’d love to have a collaborative network of other private practice professionals that you could share ideas with, build friendships, and get support, right? I’ve worked with so many of you one-on-one and over the phone, but now I’d like to create an opportunity to help you connect as more of a community as well.

So I’m creating an in-person 1/2 day workshop just for you. (This is the first in-person workshop I’ve done in almost 5 years, so I’m excited about connecting with many of you in-person as well!) This will be an opportunity for you to hone your practice-building skills and to connect with others.

We’ll focus on ONE essential practice-building skill, and get deep into it, so that you’ll leave with a specific new tool in your toolbelt.

This workshop is entitled, “Standing Out From the Crowd: The Power of the Initial Consultation”. The initial telephone conversation with a potential client is a make-or-break point for therapists. And many of you have no idea how to handle this conversation. (Sorry to be a bit harsh, but this is one that comes up a lot.) In this workshop, I’ll walk you step-by-step through exactly how to handle the initial conversation with a prospective client:

  • Why the consultation can’t be a “mini-therapy session”, and how to avoid that happening.
  • The mistake most therapists make on the telephone that turns potential clients away.
  • How to answer the “How much do you charge?” question.
  • An easy to follow guide to use for each client.
  • What to say to potential clients that are price-shopping.
  • How to follow up after you schedule an appointment to minimize no-shows.

I’ll go through exactly what I say on the phone that allows me to schedule appointments with 75% of the clients that call me, even though I’m the most expensive therapist in my area. And I’ll help YOU come up with what to say to your potential clients as well.

This workshop is invaluable for those of you already in practice, so that you can convert more potential clients into actual clients. It’s also essential for those of you going into practice, so you can avoid developing any bad habits along the way!

In addition to developing some valuable skills to begin using IMMEDIATELY, you’ll have fun meeting other supportive, successful therapists. My goal is to help each of you build connections, attract new clients, and generate creative ideas.

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