Practice-Building Resources for Psychotherapists

Work Life BalanceEarly in 2010, I started offering workshops for local therapists to help them get new counseling clients and build their private practices. As word spread, I began getting inquiries from therapists all over the country. As the demand for my services grew, I began to get overextended. As many of you who have worked with me for a while already know, I’m committed to spending as much time with my young children as I possibly can. And after much consideration, I realized that I was so excited about the work that I was doing with therapists that I was taking time away from my family. I was drifting, and had to take time to re-assess.

Because of this, I’ve dramatically cut back on the practice-building workshops I conduct. Instead, I’m changing my focus from teaching psychotherapists how to market their practices to instead automating practice-building for you.

At the moment, I’m in the process of getting this all ready, but soon I’ll be launching something that is brand-new in our field. So get ready – this is going to be exciting! If you are considering a private practice, or if you already have a private practice, you’ll want to be part of this. Send me an email:, and let me know to keep you posted!