Podcast #29: 5 Lessons Learned from $21,572 in Facebook Advertising

Podcast #35: Getting More Visitors to Your Psychotherapy Website

Do you have a psychotherapy website, but you’re not getting enough new client calls?

Maybe you feel like you put all this work into building your website, but nobody finds it.

Help is here! In this episode, I speak with Perry Rosenbloom, founder of Brighter Vision, a company that specializes in creating websites for therapists. (BTW – they create GREAT websites.)

What Perry knows, and what you also know, is that it doesn’t matter how good your website is if no one ever visits it. Building a website for your private practice is just the beginning. Now you’ve got to get visitors to your site.

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In this episode you’ll discover:

  • The fastest, easiest way to get more clients from your website. (This is some seriously good stuff.
  • How to make Google AND your clients fall in love with your website.
  • Using your directory listing strategically to get more website traffic.
  • Key numbers to track each week to manage your practice.

A few years ago, just having a psychotherapy website was enough to attract more therapy clients online. Now, having a website is table stakes. You have to pay attention to the entire process to market your private practice.

[TIP: You can download a copy of our 4-step Process to Attract Clients Online here.]

As Perry discusses in the interview, two important numbers for you to be watching are your traffic and your conversion. Traffic is the number of people who visit your website each week. Conversion is the percent of those visitors who call you for therapy. These are key numbers for all therapists to watch, because they impact how many new clients you get.

Using these two key numbers, you can get more counseling clients from your website one of three ways:

  1. Get more traffic. The more people who visit your website, the more clients you’ll get. You can use simple SEO strategies to boost your traffic.
  2. Increase your conversion rate. Let’s say right now you get 100 visitors per week, and 5 of them call you. If you can improve your website content, you can increase the number who call you. Maybe now you get 8 calls per 100 visitors instead of 5. Making your psychotherapy website more client-centric will increase your conversion.
  3. Increase both traffic AND conversion. (This is where it gets really fun!). Imagine increasing the number of people who visit your website AND the percentage of them who call you.

If you’d like to understand how all the pieces fit together to increase your traffic AND your conversions, click here to download our 4-Step Process to Attract Psychotherapy Clients Online.


Psychotherapy WebsitesPerry Rosenbloom is the CEO and Founder of Brighter Vision, the world wide leader in custom web design for mental health professionals. Perry’s vision and experience in the web development industry have helped Brighter Vision become a reliable, high-quality product and service for thousands of mental health professionals. Having worked directly with his team and the mental health practitioners they serve to develop customized, effective websites, Perry is uniquely positioned to speak to the best strategies for designing and optimizing a private practice website. You can learn more about Perry and his work at www.brightervision.com/about.

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