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Podcast #22: Integrating Online Therapy into Your Practice

Online therapy.

We’re all intrigued by it, right?

But is it really effective? How does it work exactly? How do you handle the legal & ethical issues?

Well, we’ve got the answers right here. In this podcast, I interview Steve Bisson, LMHC, who has been doing online counseling for 2 years.

In this interview, Steve shares:

  • Which clients are the best fit for online therapy exactly
  • How the online therapy process works
  • How he integrates online therapy with his traditional practice
  • His advice for a therapist considering online therapy
  • Handling high-risk clients

If you’ve toyed with the idea of online therapy, but haven’t really understood how it works, you’re going to love this behind-the-scenes interview with a counselor who’s made it work for his practice.

Steve Bisson, LMHCSteve is born and raised in Montreal for 24 years and now has lived in the metro Boston for 17 years. He speaks both French and English. Steve has worked in several different environments and has had a very successful private practice for over 4 years. He has been doing online counseling for about two years with Talkspace, where he has been a mentor, trainer, clinical advisor, and currently is their substance use specialist.

To know more about Steve, go to his website: www.stevebissonlmhc.com and follow the links to social media that includes a link to Talkspace. You will also find different ventures he is currently working on, including MINT and Drug Courts.