Podcast #29: 5 Lessons Learned from $21,572 in Facebook Advertising

Podcast #21: How to Get Started with Facebook Ads for $5 per Day

What if you could start advertising your practice for just $5 per day?

Connect with potential clients. Learn what topics your audience is most interested. Build a following.

It probably sounds a bit too good to be true. You’re probably saying, what’s the catch.

No catch, Facebook advertising is just that powerful. In this episode, Amy Crane is going to explain exactly how to make it work.

I believe its the best way to market a private practice right now.

If I were starting a practice from scratch today, I would begin marketing on Facebook ads. They’re just that powerful. No other advertising platform has the ability to target and test like Facebook. No other marketing can give you real-time feedback on what your clients are looking for.

In this episode, we’re joined by Amy Crane, founder of Social Lab Marketing, and she explains EXACTLY how to make the work.

In this episode, Amy reveals:

  • The critical first step before you begin running ads
  • The best type of ad when you’re first starting out
  • How to test your ads for just $1. (Yes, just $1.)
  • The most effective way to spend your money when you’re working with a limited budget.
  • What trips people up the most and how to fix it.
  • Her #1 top tip for success with Facebook advertising.

amy-crane-photoAmy Crane is a Facebook Advertising Consultant and the founder of Social Lab Marketing. Frustrated with spending thousands of dollars on traditional marketing for her retail business and seeing little results, Amy decided turned to Facebook Advertising. She quickly realized the power of Facebook Advertising and her overall sales jumped 30% in just a few short weeks. Now she manages over $250K in monthly ad spend for her clients and loves helping other entrepreneurs and business owners build a tribe of raving fans and customers using Facebook Advertising.