Podcast #2: Concierge Therapy: A New Level of Care

We were so pleased to have Dr. Teresa Harris on the Thriving Therapy podcast this week! Dr. Harris has a thriving concierge practice. For those who are considering concierge practice or those that don’t know much about concierge practice, this podcast is for you.

Imagine if you had a mental health professional on call for you anywhere and anytime. That great idea is what is known as concierge therapy. With concierge therapy, a therapist sees clients on their terms. This setup is ideal for busy professionals, especially ones with hectic travel schedules. The point of concierge therapy is to truly meet the client wherever they are on a number of different levels – some clients prefer face time where other use strictly email or Skype for communication.

Dr. Harris originally started her career in marketing before going into the mental health field. In hindsight, everything happens for a reason; she was able to use these marketing skills when she went into her own private practice. Before going into private practice, Teresa had a mentor relationship with another therapist, which she strongly recommends for everyone thinking of going into private practice.

Dr. Harris is known for incorporating the Laws of Attraction into her practice. For those who are unaware, the Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like”, and by focusing on positive thoughts, one can bring about positive changes. According to Dr. Harris, integrating the Law of Attraction into her practice has been more successful in obtaining a better quality of life than the use of CBT.

Teresa provides some very poignant advice: When you’re opening a private practice, seek mentorship from people who have already done it, as you want to learn from someone who has done it successfully and can guide you to do the same. Do not be afraid to reach out to people – no one can do it all alone.

Listen to the podcast for more from Jennifer and Teresa!

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