Podcast #19 – Recreating Your Money Story

“What if everything you’ve been taught about money is wrong?”

That’s the question Kate Beeders, Mindset, Money, & Marketing Expert, answers for you in this episode of “Profiles in Practice Success”.

Kate believes that your money story represents how you show up in the world, how you run your practice, and how you market yourself.

In this podcast, she shares how to :

  • Show up in the world in a bigger way
  • Align your left and right brains for success
  • Build your practice in integrity and create a business that honors you
  • Avoid making business decisions from a scarcity mindset

Kate also believes that changing your money story happens in a series of small shifts. These smalls shifts add up over time to a major transformation.

She gives us her best way to shift your money story RIGHT NOW.


Kate Beeders Image 2015-sqKate Beeders is an internationally known Mindset, Money, & Marketing Expert, specializing in helping passion-driven entrepreneurs be in charge of their own destiny by discovering the secrets of making money faster!

You can learn more about Kate and her work at www.katebeeders.com.

You can also email Kate (info@katebeeders.com) to book a complimentary Money Breakthrough Session.