Turning Your Passion into Your Practice

Ever wonder if you are on the right path in your life? Well, when you are on the right path, life just comes together for us. And when you’re off the path, well, I think we all know what that’s like. Gina Bender, founder of the Reinvention Studio, specializes in helping women find their divine calling, and then stay on the right path once they’ve found it.

I was privileged to get to do an interview yesterday with Gina (www.ginabender.com). She has an amazing gift for helping women connect with their divine calling and find purpose and meaning in their lives. And her energy is so powerful, you’ll just love listening to what she has to say.

For those of you that have an established practice, and want to branch out into a new area, or for those of you that haven’t quite found your niche yet, you’ll love hearing the way Gina created a niche for herself that builds on her strengths and her unique gifts. It’s a great example of how you can break out of the box to really be unique.In this 30-minute interview, ¬†Gina revealed:

  • How to discover your divine mission
  • How to apply your unique skills as a mother to market yourself as a professional
  • How to read your emotions so you know you’re on the right track

And when you’re done, I know you’re going to want to learn more about her, so here’s a link to her website: www.ginabender.com