Private Practice Online Marketing Trends for Therapists in 2020

2020 is upon us! As a psychotherapist in private practice, it’s essential that you stay on top of the marketing trends in our industry and know online marketing trends for therapists.

Over the past year, we’ve seen a huge de-stigmatization of mental health issues in general and therapy in specific. (Thank you Michael Phelps and the Royal Family.)

As a result, therapy is less likely to be seen as something to be ashamed of, and more likely to be seen as a means to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

As the public is becoming more open and receptive to therapy, so have their expectations changed, in two significant ways:

  1. Clients expect to get to know their therapist before they book an appointment.
  2. Clients are more open to non-traditional approaches to therapy, such as online therapy, programs, and intensives. These approaches are more convenient for many clients, and can improve the results that clients get.

These two changes have a dramatic affect on therapists, counselors and psychologists in private practice, including both the types of services offered and the way those services are marketed.

As a result, here are some of the psychotherapy private practice trends that will continue to grow in 2020…

Marketing Trend #1: Video, video, video.

Therapy clients want to feel connected to their therapist before they even call to book an appointment. Video is hands-down the fastest and most-effective way to build this connection and create relationships with potential clients.

The good news is that video is right at your fingertips with your phone.

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Trend #2: Offering non-traditional therapy services.

Clients are much more eager to break out of the traditional therapy model of sitting on your couch for an hour each week. Online therapy? Yes. Walk and talk therapy? Yes. Intensives and retreats? Yes and yes.

What is it that your clients are most eager for? How can you offer that to them in a way that creates a win-win for them and for you? The catch with this one is that many of these non-traditional approaches are NOT covered by insurance.

Trend #3: Social media is becoming even MORE important for marketing trends for therapists

Social media is no longer optional for psychotherapists in private practice. Your clients expect it. Not being present on social media will COST you clients in the very near future.

Trend #4: More and more psychotherapists are building private pay practices.

Considering building a private pay practice? This was a major trend in 2019, and it shows no signs of slowing down in 2020. The reality of managed care is that it creates a win-lose for many therapists: The clients get access to services, but therapists are left overworked and struggling.  Here is how I was able to get more clients.

More and more therapists see private pay as a win-win scenario, benefiting both the client AND the therapist. This is especially true if you want to offer non-traditional services to your clients. (See Trend #2.)

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