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Podcast #55: How to Eliminate No-Shows from your Practice

When your clients no show or cancel, how do you usually handle it?

For many therapists, this is a sticky subject. This is why today, we’re diving right in. It’s time to shift your perspective on what no-shows are and what they mean. It’s time to analyze your data to determine if it’s you, or them and address the situation accordingly!

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In this episode, Damien Adler, Registered Psychologist and Co-Founder of Power Diary, a popular online practice management system, joins us. Tune in to learn how no-shows impact your practice and how to regain control to better serve your clients.


In this episode we cover:

  • Top reasons clients no show with tips and tricks to eliminate this problem
  • How to reduce the frustration surrounding client no shows and increase practice profitability
  • Why letting no shows slide is actually hurting your clients, not helping them
  • Money mindset and how it may be getting in the way of elevating your success
  • How to analyze your data to determine if your therapy methodology may be what’s impacting no shows

Here’s a sneak peek at this episode:

>> [3:45] No-shows and late cancellations are some of the biggest expenses for your business.
In order to run a successful practice, you must not only think about how to provide quality treatment, but also consider the commercial operations that will allow your practice to thrive and continue to offer these important services. Adler shared that once his practice started tracking revenue lost from no-shows and late cancellations, the negative impact on profitability and opportunity was eye-opening.

>> [8:30] If you let no-shows slide, you’re doing a tremendous disservice to your client.
Did you know that once someone has no-showed once, the statistical likelihood of reoccurrence increases unless there is a short, sharp intervention? Once a client has a cancellation, Adler’s software has found that the likelihood of them doing it again goes through the roof. The longer the gap between the missed appointment and some sort of follow-up, connection, or no-show charge, the less likely that person is to re-engage with therapy. It becomes a chain reaction. The likelihood of a good therapeutic outcome, with you or any other therapist in the future, will significantly decline as well.

>> [27:35] If no shows become a trend, it could mean that there isn’t enough hope instilled in the initial appointment.
When it comes to no-shows and cancellations, it’s important to monitor trends. If you’re noticing that many clients aren’t coming back after one or two sessions—it may be you. This could mean that as a therapist, you may not be meeting the client where they’re at or describing the process and potential outcomes. Consider that they need to wrap their head around the potential of the process rather than diving right into the deep end!

When you hold your clients accountable and meet them where they’re at, you’re emphasizing that the work you’re doing together is important and potentially life-changing. It’s more than just elevating your bottom line; it’s elevating your client outcomes.

Special thanks to Damien Adler for his insight and expertise during this episode! 

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Damien’s experience as a clinician and co-founder of a successful private practice, along with his interest in business and technology, created a desire to build a better practice management system. He is extremely passionate about helping health care practices and says; “I can’t think of a more rewarding way to spend my time than providing a system that helps healthcare professionals do what they do best.” If you need help powering up your practice and streamlining systems so you can level up, Adler’s software can help you. Check it out at www.powerdiary.com.