Podcast #8: Using Groups to Fill Your Private Practice

Many of you have heard me talk about “multiple streams of income” for your private practice. This means you are no longer relying solely on one-on-one therapy to generate revenue. Every truly successful therapist I’ve worked with has built multiple streams of income, and it would be a great way for you to add revenue as well.

One of the best ways to generate additional revenue is with groups and workshops. These connect you with your target market, get visibility in your community, and can be more profitable than just individual therapy.

In this episode of the “Profiles in Practice Success” podcast, I interview Katie Keates May, a counselor in Philadelphia who has built a full, profitable private practice using groups. That’s right, she’s built a completely full practice, which is a wonderful place to be.

In this podcast, Katie generously shared her secrets to success and reveals how you can do the same thing she’s done. AND she’s graciously provided a FREEBIE for you: “5 Steps to the Perfect Group Flyer”.

Click Here to Download “5 Steps to the Perfect Group Flyer” and learn how to promote your groups effectively to your ideal clients.

Katie reveals:

  • The exact steps you can take to start building groups in your practice.
  • Where to find clients for your groups.
  • Her top tip for filling your groups when you are just starting out.
  • How to handle small groups so it’s a win-win for you and client.
  • Why no one is coming to your groups and how to fix it.

But it’s not just all about groups, we also talked about how Katie gets referrals from school guidance counselors, and I know there are LOTS of you that would like to figure this out. Katie’s marketing (and her personality!) is very authentic, and she’s learned how not to be “sales-y” when marketing and practice building. This is essential for all psychotherapists because we need to be genuine and come from a place of service in our work. For many therapists and counselors, there is a disconnect between the authenticity you bring in your clinical work and the perception of marketing as something less authentic. I actually believe that effective marketing is one of the most authentic things you can do. This is what connects you with the clients that need your help. In this interview, you’ll hear how Katie learned to be authentic and effective at the same time. (This is something you can implement as well.)

Click Here to Download “5 Steps to the Perfect Group Flyer” and learn how to promote your groups effectively to your ideal clients.

Katie K. May is a Nationally Certified, Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in group-work with children and teens.  She facilitates four full and lucrative groups weekly and wants to show you how to do the same!  Visit www.creativehealingphilly.com/groupguru to learn how you can start filling and running successful groups today.