Podcast #29: 5 Lessons Learned from $21,572 in Facebook Advertising

Podcast #46: How to get Your Phone Ringing with a Consistent Flow of Clients

The feeling of waiting for the phone to ring with a client call can be nerve-wracking. Today’s episode will teach you how to stop hoping for the phone to ring and become proactive in generating new client calls. Parenting coach, Susan Morley, talks about her own experience boosting client engagement by using avatars and lead magnets. According to Susan, developing her client avatar was a huge part of her success.

By identifying a narrow target group, you avoid marketing to a wide net of people and your marketing truly provides value to your ideal client to the degree that they look forward to your content. 

Avatars and lead magnets can be powerful tools, but how do you develop them in a way that gets the phone ringing? Susan talks about how she uses lead magnets to attract and effectively engage her avatar until they’re ready to call her. She shares how she took the guesswork out of generating calls to make her phone ring consistently, so you can too!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The importance of narrowly defining your target clientele
  • How to keep potential clients focused on what you can do for them
  • The advantages of a good tagline
  • Why a detailed avatar is essential
  • The value of lead magnets and how they can generate calls

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Listen in and get ready to take the guesswork out of attracting clients


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Over the last 9 years of working with moms, Susan has found that her most successful clients love their children enough to set and enforce healthy boundaries. As a mom and a coach, Susan knows this is a tall order – which is why she gave up being a school teacher to helps moms unlock their authentic parenting style and transform their families. 

Every single one of Susan’s clients is a loving, caring parent. And what they are doing just isn’t working anymore. Her goal is to identify and build upon their parenting strengths, boost their confidence, and create lasting change. 

Being a mom doesn’t have to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Learn more about Susan by visiting https://www.parentcoachatlanta.com/.