Podcast #29: 5 Lessons Learned from $21,572 in Facebook Advertising

Podcast #28: Using Podcasts to Build your Practice

Want to expand your reach with potential clients? Podcasting is one of the most powerful ways to do that.

Podcasting has grown year after year, with no signs of slowing down. Check out these stats:

  • 57 million people in the US listen to podcasts.
  • Last year, 4.1 BILLION podcast episodes were downloaded.
  • 61% of podcast listeners bought something they heard on a podcast.

I’ve got your attention now, right? These numbers are staggering.

Because this is such a powerful practice-building tool, I’ve been wanting to do an episode on podcasting for a while. Of course, there’s really only one person to interview, and that’s Melvin Varghese, PhD, founder of Selling the Couch.

Melvin is the leader in our field in the podcasting space, and has so much to share. Whether you’re just considering starting a podcast to help attract more therapy clients, or if you’re already using a podcast as a practice-building tool, Melvin’s got a wealth of expertise to share.

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In this interview, Melvin shared:

  • What makes podcasting such a powerful practice-building tool
  • The best way to get started with a podcast
  • His “hybrid model” of podcasting (this allows you to be seen as the expert AND expand your reach)
  • Three criteria for selecting your content
  • The primary purpose of a podcast (you might be surprised by this one)
  • The two elements of the BEST podcast episodes


(NOTE: Melvin and I also discuss how podcasting fits into your overall online marketing strategy. You can download a copy of my 4-step online marketing process here, to get a complete picture of how you build that strategy.)

Download the 4-Step Process Diagram Here


Melvin VargheseMelvin Varghese, PhD is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Philadelphia, PA where he works with entrepreneurs and start ups. He’s also the founder of the top ranked Selling The Couch podcast, which helps aspiring and current private practitioners build successful practices, create multiple income streams, and build a business focused on family and self care. In 2015, he founded The Healthcasters, the #1 community for health, wellness, and fitness podcasters.


Listen to Melvin’s Podcast here: http://sellingthecouch.com/podcast/

Join Melvin’s monthly webinar here: http://sellingthecouch.com/podcastingworkshop