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Podcast #57: Embrace Your faith to Design a Practice that is Authentic to You

Contrary to popular belief, building your practice doesn’t have to be hard work and struggle. It’s time to release that energy and accept that good things can flow into your life with a little bit of faith.

In this episode, you’ll join Jennifer and special guest Jamice Holley, LGPC, M. DIV., NCC, Founder of The Art of Becoming, LLC and author of The Guide to Opening a Private Practice: Developing the Entrepreneur Within You God’s Way.

They discuss how to ditch the hustle mentality society has taught us and embrace your faith to design a practice that is authentic to you. This is where real success is born!

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In this episode we cover:

  • How to embrace all of who you are, walk into a room, light it up, and share every part of yourself with clients for ultimate practice success.
  • When to take a step back and let yourself be led by divine energy to manifest your most authentic business model and find a flow without too much pressure on yourself.
  • How to ditch the society-induced hustle culture and let you be the guide of your own destiny, doing things that feel right and in line with your beliefs and goals.
  • Ways to accept your worthiness without having to “earn” it.

Here’s a sneak peek at this episode:

[3:01] You can’t hide who you are with a client.

So, bring the fullness of who [you are] in a session.
There’s a special power about two humans connecting in a therapeutic session. While you must put your day-to-day frustrations aside to be present for them, that doesn’t mean you have to fully hide who you are. Jamice Holley is also an ordained minister, so in her sessions, if clients are open to it and desire it, she incorporates things like prayer. Our culture has a stigma against this, but if it’s who you are, you must let it flow through you, and you’ll attract clients that align.

>> [15:35] If you’re not led to do anything, give it all a rest.
So often, we try to push through the noise as we’re figuring ourselves out. We get so tangled up in it. It’s a big knot that ties our body and soul up. We have to step away and let the guidance come to us. When you’re living in that state of a tied-up inner knowing, it’s not that there is no wisdom to hear. It’s that at that moment, we simply can’t hear it. You need to embrace the idea that this is supposed to be simple and flow. When it’s not feeling that way, something isn’t lining up. You need to step away and allow God’s energy to flow through you, meditate to reconnect with your inner knowing, or take a few days away to step away from this frustration to refresh. This is when the magic happens.

>> [21:12] We have to be able to say that “I am worthy of good things that I didn’t ‘earn’.”
Jamice Holley has a special mindset shift that she teaches, “You must allow God to woo you.” He’s always got special surprises up his sleeve. When you give into moments and inspiration, even if it’s a path you hadn’t necessarily considered before, you open yourself to greater opportunities for success. You don’t have to force things that don’t feel right. You mustn’t adopt the hustle culture that our society has ingrained in us as the only way to succeed. There are other ways!

When you allow yourself to be held and guided by the divine energy in your life, whatever that looks like for you, you’ll innately feel a shift in your practice’s growth. For once, it will feel simple, not forced.

It’s time for you to step into your power and own your true self, just as you encourage your clients to do. Move from that frantic struggle energy to maneuvering through your life and practice building with peace and ease.

Special thanks to Jamice Holley for bringing her own divine energy and powerful inspiration to this episode! If you’re in search of more guidance on how to become the truest version of yourself to build your practice, find her book The guide to Opening a Private Practice on Amazon! While you’re there, if you don’t have a copy of my latest book, Attracting Clients in Uncertain Times, you absolutely want to get your hands on it. And if you want me to send you a free copy (all you do is pay shipping and handling), visit TheAttractingClientsBook.com.


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Jamice Holley, founder of The Art of Becoming LLC, is a Therapist who specializes in supporting her clients as they successfully navigate their relationships through the Imago Relationship Therapy process. Whether it is working on their most important relationship, the one with themselves, or the one with their partner, as a Minister and Clinician, Holley approaches the healing and growth process from a mental, emotional, and spiritual perspective to achieve impactful and lasting results. Check it out Jamice’s book here.