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How to Choose a Profitable Psychotherapy Niche When You’re Just Starting Out

If you’ve recently started a private practice, you’ve probably already heard, “you’ve got to choose a niche”. You get it, right? But how do you narrow it down when you’re still figuring out what you love to do? This is the Catch-22 that snags many therapists launching a practice.

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New Private Practice

3 Common Mistakes New Private Practices Make

For most counselors, therapists, and psychologists who launch private practices, their clinical skills are their strong suit. It’s the practice-building and marketing skills that need work.

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Starting a private practice

5 Ways to Save Big When Starting a New Private Practice

Starting a private practice DOES take a financial investment, so it’s important to plan carefully. The good news is that you can start a private practice for much less than it would take other businesses to launch.

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The Freedom and Flexibility of Private Practice

Is your dream to work for yourself? Many of you that dream of private practice long for the freedom and flexibility that it provides. I truly believe that private practice is one of the best ways to create an ideal lifestyle and financial freedom. When my son was born, my private practice allowed me to

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You Can’t Get Clients You Can’t Find: Reachability

If you’re struggling to attract more clients to your practice and you can’t understand why, you may be missing a key element in the marketing formula: reachability. In this video, I’ll explain the concept of reachability and show you how applying it can fill your psychotherapy practice. If you’re trying to find a more “reachable”

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Psychotherapist-Patient Privilege

 I’m thrilled to bring you a guest blog post from Leisa Wintz, a friend of mine who is a therapist AND attorney. This gives her a rare insight into the needs of psychotherapists and how they can protect themselves from legal difficulty.________________________________________________________________________ DO YOU HAVE TO TESTIFY? IS THERE A PRIVILEGE? HAS IT BEEN WAIVED? AN

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Practice-Building Resources for Psychotherapists

Early in 2010, I started offering workshops for local therapists to help them get new counseling clients and build their private practices. As word spread, I began getting inquiries from therapists all over the country. As the demand for my services grew, I began to get overextended. As many of you who have worked with

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