Podcast #8: Using Groups to Fill Your Private Practice

Many of you have heard me talk about “multiple streams of income” for your private practice. This means you are no longer relying solely on one-on-one therapy to generate revenue. Every truly successful therapist I’ve worked with has built multiple streams of income, and it would be a great way for you to add revenue

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Podcast #7: Practice Management Systems Demystified: Save Time, Money, and Frustration

Maybe you’re a bit like me… Until recently, the world of Practice Management Systems has been this big muddled up realm for me. That all changed when I did my latest podcast interview with Dr. Susan Litton, founder of PSYBooks. When I was in private practice, I used a Practice Management System that I hated:

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Podcast #6: Financial Success Is Integral to Building a Thriving Practice

Psychodrama is an experiential – relational – expressive therapy used worldwide to bring the soul into action. It consists of 3 main parts: the warm up, action and sharing and can be used with individuals, couples, families and groups. Psychodrama brings “to the stage” what lives within as a co-creation between the director, protagonist and group

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Podcast #5: Taking a Leap of Faith and Dropping Insurance Panels

As Director of Developmental Play & Attachment Therapies and adjunct Professor at Barry University, Janet Courtney’s career is centered on bringing psychological healing to children. She is an internationally recognized Play Therapist specializing in expressive therapies and attachment treatement who has invented a new process of kinesthetic storytelling, merging imagery relaxation skills with joyful first-play

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Podcast #4: The Importance of Becoming a Specialist In Your Practice

LANA M. STERN, PH.D, P.A. is a Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Parent Coordinator, Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator.  Dr. Stern has been in private practice in the Coral Gables, Florida area for the past 25 years.  She is a member of the American Psychological Association, Florida and Dade County Psychological Associations, International

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Gerda Muyen post

Podcast #3: The Language of Abundance and Your Practice

Gerda’s innovative and transformative couples’ retreat evolved out of her own life transformation and the course of her practice. Gerda has used the Language of Abundance to turn a mere dream into a reality. Gerda became interested in human behavior relatively early on, especially how so much of our belief systems stem from childhood experiences

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Podcast #2: Concierge Therapy: A New Level of Care

We were so pleased to have Dr. Teresa Harris on the Thriving Therapy podcast this week! Dr. Harris has a thriving concierge practice. For those who are considering concierge practice or those that don’t know much about concierge practice, this podcast is for you. Imagine if you had a mental health professional on call for

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Cali Estes

Podcast #1: Swim With the Dolphins, Not the Sharks

Cali Estes evolved from therapist to helping other therapists build their brands. Cali’s The Addictions Academy is for those who want to transform, innovate and evolve in their practice. Her Academy offers the following programs Masters Addiction Coach (6 month program in Recovery Coaching, Family Recovery, Food Addictions and Gambling Addictions) Case Management Training Mobile

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