Customized Marketing for Psychotherapists

One Size Does NOT Fit All: Customize Your Online Marketing Strategy

One size does NOT fit all when it comes to online marketing for private practice. Your online marketing strategy, as well as your overall marketing strategy, should be dictated by where you are in your practice development, and the size of your practice. In this video, I share with you three “tiers” of private practice,

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The Biggest Pricing Mistake Psychotherapists Make

I get asked frequently about fees and if you should raise them. I created this video to share the biggest pricing mistake psychotherapists make, as well as how to talk to your clients about raising your fees.  

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Online Therapy Done Right

By Harrison Tyner So you are all set to have an online session with a client. Here are five items to check off your list to ensure your session is a successful one. Make sure the video conferencing system you are using is secure and HIPAA-compliant. The technology you use must be encrypted and have

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Be More, Have More, Serve More Clients at the Practice Intensive

“I’m a Specialist” I was doing a little happy dance this week when I heard these words from a client, “I told her that I’m a specialist and I wouldn’t work for that rate.” Know, those of you that know me know exactly why I was doing the happy dance. This therapist is truly a

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Podcast #2: Concierge Therapy: A New Level of Care

We were so pleased to have Dr. Teresa Harris on the Thriving Therapy podcast this week! Dr. Harris has a thriving concierge practice. For those who are considering concierge practice or those that don’t know much about concierge practice, this podcast is for you. Imagine if you had a mental health professional on call for

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Cali Estes

Podcast #1: Swim With the Dolphins, Not the Sharks

Cali Estes evolved from therapist to helping other therapists build their brands. Cali’s The Addictions Academy is for those who want to transform, innovate and evolve in their practice. Her Academy offers the following programs Masters Addiction Coach (6 month program in Recovery Coaching, Family Recovery, Food Addictions and Gambling Addictions) Case Management Training Mobile

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The 7 Lies Therapists Tell Themselves That Keep Them Struggling, Broke, and Overwhelmed

We all have these little lies we tell ourselves. We even have the little lies that we tell each other. Often these little lies help us get through difficult situations. (One of my favorite little lies to myself at the moment is “my kids are just about to reach the age where they stop fighting

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Are you costing yourself clients?

Here’s a quick quiz. What do you do when a new client calls? Let it go to voice mail and don’t return the call. Return the call as soon as possible; otherwise, they’ll schedule with another therapist first. Take the call and sort of fumble my way through it, hoping they don’t hear the uncertainty

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Barriers to Freedom

In my last post, I shared with you what freedom means to me, and how much I appreciate the freedom I’ve created in my life. For many of us, this is exactly what brought us into the field. The freedom to make a difference in the world without sacrificing the lifestyle we envision for ourselves.

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My 6-Figure Formula for just $0.99!

Today’s the day! It’s  the launch of my new book, “Building a 6-Figure Private Practice: The Magic Formula for  Psychotherapists”. I’m thrilled about this because it’s been a “project” for four years, and it’s finally coming to fruition! To purchase the book, click here. The Psychotherapy Six-Figure Formula If you are struggling to build your

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