Podcast #29: 5 Lessons Learned from $21,572 in Facebook Advertising

Podcast #33: Break Through Burnout

Break Through Burnout.  Shhh. Can you keep a secret? 62% of therapists are suffering from burnout. Break Through Burnout. That’s right. People are counting on us to serve them, but many of us don’t have much to give.

There’s this secret that we all have to look perfect on the outside for our clients when we’re actually struggling just to keep it together on the inside. We lose sight of who we are and we lose our ability to deeply serve our clients.

If this sounds familiar, you’re going to love this podcast interview I did with Arianna Gray. Arianna is an LPC who specializes in helping other counselors breakthrough burnout to get re-inspired in their work and their lives.

In this podcast, Arianna shares:

  • How cultural myths negatively affect helping professionals.
  • Warning signs of burnout.
  • The 5-minute exercise to move you past your limitations.

Arianna is so passionate about helping healers break through burnout and share their gifts that she created the Transformational Healers Summit. This powerful, totally free event, features 21 expert helping professionals (including yours truly!) coming together to make a difference in the world.

Filled with personal experiences and ground breaking research, you will get energized in everything from your creativity and spirituality to your finances, personal relationships, physical health, and your relationship with your SELF! This is for helping professionals who really want to make a difference in the world — and love doing it — and are aware of the challenge of stress that comes from caring for other people.

Break Through BurnoutArianna Gray, LPC is a psychotherapist, speaker, and workshop leader.  From her experience as a mental health professional for 18 years—and her own personal journey with burnout and inspiration—Arianna coaches counselors and helping professionals to break through burnout and get re-inspired in their work and life.  In “The Transformational Healers Summit for Helping Professionals” Arianna is bringing together the most impactful experts in the field to empower the tribe of  helpers to “Break Through Burnout, Give Your Gifts, Love Your Life!”