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Podcast #12: Branding for Psychotherapists

Imagine if you could sit down with a branding expert and get her to spill all her secrets about branding, brand loyalty, and getting publicity for your practice? Well, that’s exactly what I’ve done for you in this podcast! From the moment I met Jessica Ramos, I knew I had to have her on the podcast! Not only does she have 14 years of PR and Marketing experience, Jessica specializes in working with psychotherapists!

Whether you’re an individual private practitioner, part of a group practice, or even connected to a treatment center, Jessica really knows her stuff!
In this interview, Jessica shares:

  • Basic steps to brand-building and why it’s so important to psychotherapists
  • How to really make your brand come alive
  • How branding can help you if you work (or want to work) with high-profile clients
  • How to leverage your brand to get publicity with TV and Radio appearances
  • The fastest way to get publicity, even if you’re brand-new in practices
  • The best places to be online for marketing and brand-building
  • How to use branding to launch a fee-for-service private practice

And as if that’s not enough, Jessica has also created a Branding Tip Sheet, exclusively for psychotherapists, which you can download here:

The Branding Tip Sheet for Psychotherapists

You’ve heard me talk about the importance of specializing and clearly identifying who your ideal client is, and Jessica explains how this is the foundation of branding. She explains how highly-skilled, niche-driven psychotherapists can use branding to really make themselves shine, especially if you are working in an area saturated with psychotherapists.

Branding isn’t just something you do once, it’s an evolving process that shifts as your practice grows. Effective branding can help guide that growth, and can keep you connected with the conversations your clients are already having, whether it’s online or offline.

Probably my favorite part of the whole interview is the part on social media, where Jessica explains how your potential clients are already using social media for research, and how you can use this too! Make sure you don’t miss this part.

Make sure you grab a copy of her tip sheet here, she’s saved some really good stuff that we didn’t have time to get into on the podcast.

The Branding Tip Sheet for Psychotherapists

If you’d like to learn more about Jessica Ramos and the work she does with psychotherapists, call her company, Keen Concepts, at (786) 671-1390.