Psychotherapy Practice-Building: Beyond SEO

In 2010, when I began training and coaching therapists, psychologists, and counselors, SEO was HUGE. You had to have a top-notch, finely-tuned website to allow you to get ranked on Google. And getting ranked on Google was everything.

If you got first-page rankings on Google, you could pretty much count on your phone ringing with new clients.

But, folks, it’s not 2010 anymore. Too many of you are still approaching your practice-building and marketing as though it is. Those tactics don’t work anymore. You’ve probably already figured that out, right? Now it’s time to focus on what IS working to fill your practice. As I explain in this video, the BEST way to market a private practice online right now is with Facebook. I’ve even created a freebie you can use to start getting better results with Facebook:

Click Here to Get Your FREE Guide: “9 Tips to Boost Engagement on Facebook
Online marketing has changed, your clients have changed, and private practice has changed. In this video, I share exactly what’s changed and how you can incorporate more effective marketing strategies to get better results:


If you’ve been focused on SEO to get noticed online, this is the time for you to explore other options, and Facebook is really the ideal place to start with this. I’ve even put together a free guide with 9 Tips to Boost Engagement on Facebook. It’s exclusively for psychotherapists, and it will help you get immediate results with your Facebook Marketing.

Click Here to Get Your FREE Guide: “9 Tips to Boost Engagement on Facebook