Being a Therapist is a bit Like Being an Actor

Stumbled across this quote today:

“For most actors, success is achieved through study, struggle, preparation, infinite trial and error, training, discipline, experience and work!” – Robert Cohen

Granted, this is for acting, but if you change the word “actor” to “therapist”, doesn’t it apply to us as well. And in our profession, we have to struggle not only with our clinical skills, but we also have to struggle through our practice-building. This is a whole separate skill set, and often is a more ardous journey than developing our clinical skills. If you are a psychotherapist marketing a private practice, you already know this isn’t an easy journey. Being an excellent clinician doesn’t necessarily translate into getting new counseling clients for your practice.

If you are a therapist starting a private practice, or running a private practice,  you already know that this is a journey full of trial and error.