Be More, Have More, Serve More Clients at the Practice Intensive

“I’m a Specialist”

I was doing a little happy dance this week when I heard these words from a client, “I told her that I’m a specialist and I wouldn’t work for that rate.” Know, those of you that know me know exactly why I was doing the happy dance. This therapist is truly a specialist; I’ve referred a number of clients to her over the years. Her work has saved lives on a regular basis. She is worth every penny that she charges.

Here’s a bit of the back-story. She has an established, thriving practice, and was meeting with a professional in a position to provide her with a steady flow of clients. (That’s everyone’s dream, right?) But the referral source said, “We need you to lower your rates. Our clients can’t afford to pay what you charge.” Just sit with that for a moment, how would you have responded? Would you have allowed this person to dictate what you’re worth? Would you have let her determine how you should run your business?

I know that some of you would’ve done just that. Heck, we’ve all done that. But this therapist stood her ground. She knows the value she offers, and she knows that there are plenty of clients out that who not only need her services, they are also willing to pay what she is worth.

Some of you might be asking, “What’s the big deal with lowering your rates? If you know you’re going to get a lot of clients, isn’t it worth it?” No. No, it isn’t worth it. YOU have to make a decision about what you are worth. And once you decide that, it’s your responsibility to make sure you are worth every penny of that.  You truly need to become a specialist, like this therapist has become.

This is quicksand for many of you, I understand that. It seems like it’s better to have something now, because what if you don’t get any other clients. However, I have seen time and time again over the past five years, that you CAN attract clients willing to pay you what you are worth. You CAN be financially successful and share your gifts with the world. However, you can’t do that while you are still grasping at straws and taking any client that comes your way.

I realize that this is a big mental leap for you; it sure was for me when I did it in my practice. I was so sure that if I went off insurance panels and started charging premium rates, NO ONE would want to see me. And I was so wrong. The universe had plenty of clients lined up for me, all it took was me creating the space for them. I’ve seen this happen so many times with so many of you, I don’t have one iota of doubt about how this will play out for any of you, when you make the decision to really step up in your own practice.

But you HAVE to first make the decision. You have to say, “I’m a specialist, these are my rates.” Just like my client did. That’s when the magic begins to happen. You’re probably wondering, “But how? How does it happen?” Well, that’s the part I’d like to help you with. In fact, helping make it happen is the focus of my 2-day Practice-Building Intensive that I’m doing in March. If you’ve made the decision that you are ready to step up in your practice, I’ll be there to support you. I’ve got the strategies, tools, and tips that have worked with hundreds of other therapists. I KNOW they will work for you as well. In fact, this is the easy part. The harder part is making the decision.