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Podcast #13: 3 Myths of New Client Calls That Are Holding You Back from Helping More People and Making More Money

One of the questions I get asked most frequently is about how to handle new client calls. Some of you have even confessed to me that you don’t even return phone calls from potential clients. Whether this is from fear, or from not knowing what to say (or both), it doesn’t have to be this way.

In this episode, we’ve got exactly what you need to overcome the fear and develop the right skills to convert potential clients into paying clients.

WARNING: We use the ‘S’ word a LOT in this episode…

No, not THAT ‘S’ word, the other one: sales.

I know, I know, you’re not a sales person, you’re a therapist. I get that. But you could better serve your clients AND build your business by implementing 1 or 2 of the strategies from this interview.

For this interview, I knew I needed an expert, so of course I turned to Jane Garee, The Sales Strategist for the Non-Sales Person™. When she agreed to let me interview her for the podcast, I jumped on the opportunity!

Jane specializes in helping regular business owners, people like you and me, confidently share their services with the world. Jane helps them uncover their strongest business traits, position themselves for success, and stand out in the crowd.

In this episode, Jane shares:

      • Why trying to “help” clients during the initial consultation is a huge mistake.
      • Why you should never push clients to work with you. Ever.
      • How to apply your therapy skills to client consultations.
      • Ways to eliminate the fear and anxiety from client calls.
      • Positioning yourself as a Mercedes rather than a Honda.
      • How to make the client consultation a profound experience for your clients.

This interview will truly CURE you of the fear and anxiety that plague many when it comes to initial client consultations. Jane’s approach is so genuine and authentic. She truly sees selling as coming from a  place of service to your client, and she’s going to show how you can do that as well.

The “3 Myths of New Client Calls That Are Holding You Back from Helping More People and Making More Money” that Jane shares in this call will challenge you to approach client consultations from a very different perspective.

If you’d like to connect with Jane directly, you can email her at jane@janegaree.com or visit her website at www.janegaree.com.