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How to get therapy clients How to Get Therapy Clients - If you've been struggling to fill your practice, it can feel like a guessing game. You're left wondering how to get therapy clients consistently and predictably. It's a frustrating place to be, and you're not enjoying the dream of private practice that you always imagined for yourself. The secret to
Starting a Counseling Practice Starting a Private Practice: 3 Lessons Learned My First Year - Starting a private practice is the realization of a dream, but there's also a lot to learn. With everything you have to learn, the first year in practice can be rough. Starting a private practice is much harder than most therapists expect it will be. The good news is that
Marketing Funnels for Psychotherapists Marketing Funnels for Psychotherapists - "Marketing funnels for psychotherapists? What the heck is a marketing funnel and why do I need one?" Marketing funnels have been around in the online/digital marketing world for a few years. They've proven their effectiveness in many different fields. While many psychotherapists have been slow to adopt this, marketing funnels
Facebook Ads for Psychotherapists Facebook Ads for Psychotherapists - If you've followed my work, you know I'm a HUGE fan of Facebook ads for Psychotherapists. In fact, in the past year, we've spent $115,710 on Facebook ads for our "Done-for-You" marketing members and for our business. Why are we spending so much on Facebook ads? The short answer is

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Podcast #36: Blogging for Psychotherapists - Blogging is a powerful tool to attract more therapy or counseling clients online. Not only does blogging help boost your search results, it positions you as a trusted authority so your potential clients know that you have the expertise to
Podcast #35: Getting More Visitors to Your Psychotherapy Website - Do you have a psychotherapy website, but you’re not getting enough new client calls? Maybe you feel like you put all this work into building your website, but nobody finds it. Help is here! In this episode, I speak with
Podcast #34: Using Workshops to Build Your Practice - Workshops are a fantastic way to build your practice. First, you generate revenue from the workshop itself, and serve clients that might not connect with you otherwise. Second, after the workshop, some of the attendees will want to continue working
Podcast #33: Break Through Burnout -   Shhh. Can you keep a secret? 62% of therapists are suffering from burnout. That's right. People are counting on us to serve them, but many of us don't have much to give. There's this secret that we all have
Podcast #32: Authenticity in Private Practice - You know I love to talk about marketing. I'm a shameless marketing geek. (Big shocker, right?) But.... I know that business success, including private practice success, is so much more than the latest SEO update or changes to Instagram. Much

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Jennifer's training is incredible! It is chock-full of practical ideas as well as the reasoning behind them. I know my practice will benefit far beyond the fee I paid.

 Elizabeth Bonet Elizabeth Bonet

I would HIGHLY recommend Jennifer to anyone wanting to build a private practice. She assisted me in shaping my thinking to make me marketable, avoid burnout, and understand the ins and outs of business. It was worth it!

 Katie Lemieux Katie Lemieux