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Online Marketing Trends for Psychotherapists in 2017 - Is one of your goals to grow your practice in 2017? Maybe learn how to attract more private practice clients online? If so, then watch out for these 7 trends that will shape online marketing for psychotherapists over the next year. 1. Content Marketing. Smart Insights considers content marketing to be
Starting a Counseling Practice 3 Lessons Learned from My First Year in Private Practice - The first year in practice can be rough. It's an awakening when you realize exactly how much you have to learn. Running a business. Marketing your practice. Finding clients. In fact, for many of us, the first year is a harsh dose of reality splashing us in the face as
Social Media for Psychotherapists: The Ultimate Practice-Building Tool - Let's just get right to it... Social media is greatest practice-building tool EVER for psychotherapists. Facebook allows us to connect with clients as never before. Yes, social media is THAT powerful for building a highly-profitable private practice. There is no other marketing tool this powerful to attract clients, build a following, and position
How to Choose a Profitable Psychotherapy Niche When You’re Just Starting Out - If you've recently started a private practice, you've probably already heard, "you've got to choose a niche". You get it, right? But how do you narrow it down when you're still figuring out what you love to do? This is the Catch-22 that snags many therapists launching a practice.

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I offer my “Building a 6-Figure Private Practice” coaching program, which gives us an entire year to work together, strategize, course correct, and build the practice of your dreams. You get the perfect balance of training, coaching, support, advice, and community to challenge you beyond your current limitations. This program is ideal for those of you who already have an established practice but want to break through the 6-figure mark.

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Podcast #34: Using Workshops to Build Your Practice - Workshops are a fantastic way to build your practice. First, you generate revenue from the workshop itself, and serve clients that might not connect with you otherwise. Second, after the workshop, some of the attendees will want to continue working
Podcast #33: Break Through Burnout -   Shhh. Can you keep a secret? 62% of therapists are suffering from burnout. That's right. People are counting on us to serve them, but many of us don't have much to give. There's this secret that we all have
Podcast #32: Authenticity in Private Practice - You know I love to talk about marketing. I'm a shameless marketing geek. (Big shocker, right?) But.... I know that business success, including private practice success, is so much more than the latest SEO update or changes to Instagram. Much
Podcast 31: Creating Programs that Serve Your Clients - There comes a point in the private practice journey when you're ready for more. A new way to serve your clients, and a different lifestyle for yourself. It's not that you don't love private practice, it's just that you are
Podcast #30: The Top 10 Most-Searched Therapy Specialties - What are your clients REALLY searching for when they search for a therapist? Jeff Guenther has the answer. Jeff runs a mental health directory for Portland, and get tons of insight into the exact search terms your potential clients are

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Jennifer's training is incredible! It is chock-full of practical ideas as well as the reasoning behind them. I know my practice will benefit far beyond the fee I paid.

Elizabeth Bonet

I would HIGHLY recommend Jennifer to anyone wanting to build a private practice. She assisted me in shaping my thinking to make me marketable, avoid burnout, and understand the ins and outs of business. It was worth it!

Katie Lemieux